Dunne & Pyle

Dunne & Pyle

Dunne & Pyle is a financial clearinghouse. They act as a go between for payment and transfer of goods between Shadowrunners and their employers. They act as a layer of surety in an very unsure business. Dunne & Pyle acts as an escrow house and holds and deliver funds. These funds are released based on the requirements set by their clientele who are nearly all Mr. Johnsons or Corporations sending Johnsons out to hire runners. They collect the goods or data the runners return. Upon verification they release funds or payment goods in whatever denominations or type that were negotiated. 

Dunne & Pyle is heavily utilized based on the firm's reputation for absolute discretion and anonymity. First, the firm itself does not exist. There is no official record of a corporation or firm by this name on any corporate record anywhere in the world or on the matrix. They're a null shadow. They don't exist. Second, they have a policy of absolute discretion. If you happen to be a Johnson who wants to obscure who's doing the hiring Dunne & Pyle will act as an anonymous go between to deliver mission parameters and payment on completion of an assignment without revealing who the job is for. 

Last they specialize in payment holding and fulfillment. Runners have the confidence of knowing that funds held in escrow by Dunne & Pyle will absolutely be released whatever currency or type they negotiated with no questions asked. They will get paid. Dunne & Pyle have a reputation as never having not delivered payment if the conditions of the assignment were properly fulfilled. 

Dunne & Pyle is a bit of an enigma in the shadow community. Everyone knows them but very few know anything about them other than their agents who are impeccably dressed and professional. They're also off limits to violence or meddling. They're an invaluable asset to the entire shadow community and no entity wants to lose their services by meddling with them. The Firm maintains it's independence through strict neutrality. 

How They Work

To engage Dunne & Pyle a Johnson or other hiring entity reaches out to their Dunne & Pyle case manager. These are assigned by referral only. Essentially you have to know someone with one to get one and must be referred. 

The hiring entity works out the terms of the job they need completed to exact detail. Special, almost obsessive attention is given to completion conditions and the amount and type of payment and to whom it can be released to. Who the job details will be delivered to are worked out as well. Sometimes it's the Johnson him or herself, sometimes it's a Dunne & Pyle representative or anyone the hiring entity designates. 

Once these details are complete the job is issued to the runners. If the terms are agreeable the runners complete the job. At the end of it the runners demonstrate they've completed the assignment as agreed and payment is released. Dunne & Pyle will only release payment if the exact mission parameters are met and only to authorized parties negotiated in the initial agreement. The firm will not negotiate bonus funds or additional payment unless it was part of the original contract. 

No matter what Dunne & Pyle completes delivery and collection. Runners and Johnsons would do well to remember that the firm has a 100%  fulfillment rate for a reason. 

Dunne & Pyle

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